Aluminium Pie Jaws


Pie jaws are unmatched in versatility when it comes to dealing with more complex workpieces that require a firm hold. Utilising a 360 degree wrap around, which allows forces to be distributed evenly, reducing the risk of instability and deformation during cutting operations.

Our full grip pie jaws has also been carefully machined and we are using them daily to prevent tri-lobbing in thin walled components.

Except of that they do not leave visible marks on the details which is an important factor in our daily manufacturing.

Jaws are manufactured from 6061 Aluminium.

Standard sizes:

Diameter when fully closed, A: 150mm

Height( thickness) C : 45mm

Bolt Size: M12

Channel for Holding D: 12mm

Feel free to ask us for special dimensions .

Current variant is optimised for 10 inch chuck with 1.5mm step

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