Mareli Ltd. was established in 1995 with main subject of activity – design and production of illuminators.

In the course of the years many projects has been realized in Europe and Asia.

Flexibility, ambition and professionalism are the advantages that make us a desired and a reliable partner. The high evaluations we have received from more than 40 countries give us the reason to feel satisfied with our efforts. Following the run of the market, we implement our innovative ideas with pleasure and self-confidence.

The usage of state-of- the-art technologies in the production range results in a permanent tendency of increasing the number of our clients and the ability to meet their higher requirements.

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Technical parameters

Maximum Material Diametermm800
Support Plate Barrel DiametermmN/A
Spindle Center Height400
Distance between Two Centers600
Main Motor Powerkw20frequency conversion
Spindle Speedrpm30-2000
StrokeHorizontal X ShaftmmDIA-700
StrokeVertical Z Shaftmm500
Maximum Jacking Forcekn25
Jacking Strokemm600
Thrust Reverser Strokemm400
Positioning Accuracy0.01
Hydraulic Station Motor PowerKW5.5
Tool Quantity (Optional)Unit4/8/1
Processing Material ThicknessCopper, Aluminum ThicknessMm0.5-6.0
Processing Material ThicknessSteel ThicknessMm0.5-3.0
Processing Material ThicknessStainless Steel ThicknessMm0.5-2.5
The L3 is the machine that Salvagnini has dedicated exclusively to fiber.

Its cutting-edge technology means that it is able to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability and performance, fully and totally respecting the environment.

The fruit of Salvagnini’s consolidated experience in the field, the L3 today represents the future of fiber cutting.

Bending Machine: Salvagnini P4Xe

Punching center “DURMA” – CNC processing center with rotation head with 6 positions. It processes sheet material with minimal thickness of 0.5 mm and maximal thickness, depending on the type material: decapitated steel – up to 4 mm, stainless steel – up to 3 mm. Maximal dimensions of the detail (X,Y) – 1250mm x 3000 mm.


  • Superior quality compared to a manual foam tape/gasket application!
  • Meets high quality standards (e.g. IP 67, high pressure water steam jet tests)
Wiring robotized cell for luminaries – The most up – dated technology on the market. Easy and flexible to use with test station to guarantee the correspondence of the products to European standards.

Automated conveyor for dust painting with capacity of 110 details per 1 hour. Automatic spraying system – „Nordson”-USA.Maximal dimensions of the details: width – 600 mm, length – 1600 mm, weight – 10 kg.

Extrusion line for details from PVC and PC
Mass of the calibrator, water and vacuum collector. Pulling device CAT200 providing permanent speed of the pulling out of the formed by the calibrator shaped deatail. Cutting device CR200 for cutting billets from the produced shaped metal with previously set size.

Vertical machining center RAIS M550 is designed to perform various machining operations on medium-size work pieces in high cutting speed and feed conditions. Working table size: 1200 x 500 mm. Maximal strokes on axis 1010mm x 550 mm x 510 mm .Maximum work pieces weight – 500 kg.

Grinding machine – Runsof X,Y,Z – 250 mmx600 mm x 0.005 mm.


ISO 9001:2008


Mareli Ltd  =-=  OHSAS_EN

OHSAS 18001


Head Office

Hisar #1 str. v. Duvanlii 4174
region Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Production Plant
4174 v. Duvanlii
region Plovdiv

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